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Code of Ethics

Art. 1. Purpose

The purpose of this Code of Ethics is to determine a system of values and standards of conduct to which the actions of all employees, collaborators and members of the corporate structure of Risolvendo S.R.L. must conform. (hereinafter “Risolvendo”), among themselves and in their relations with third parties.
The mission is to ensure that the work of all those who work for and with Risolvendo is based on the
cardinal principles of honesty, transparency and fairness, so that these essential values transpire and are immediately evident to all those who come into contact with the social activity.

Art. 2. Ethics and corporate values

Risolvendo’s primary objective is to base social activity on relationships based on trust, both externally and internally.
Those who come into contact with Risolvendo must know that they can do so with confidence, optimism and mutual fairness.
Similarly, internally, a successful team is one that manages to work together free of mistrust, prejudice and ambiguity.
A relationship of trust can only be built by basing one’s actions on a solid system of values and strict ethics, based on integrity, transparency, loyalty and mutual respect among all the addressees of the Code.
Risolvendo aims to meet the purposes outlined above by pursuing continuous professional and business growth, in full compliance with the values covered by this Code.

Art. 3. Target audience

This Code of Ethics is addressed to:

  • employees of Risolvendo;
  • collaborators, including occasional collaborators, of Risolvendo, including professionals from outside the structure;
  • trainees and interns of Risolvendo;
  • partners and directors of Risolvendo;
  • suppliers and, in general, any third party that has relations with Risolvendo.

These recipients are required to comply with the Code of Ethics in any direct, indirect or related to the activity of Risolvendo.

Art. 4. Methods of implementation

Risolvendo will provide the most appropriate tools to ensure the full knowledge and dissemination of the Code of Ethics, its principles and values and will monitor the correct application of the Code itself, taking the most appropriate initiatives in case of non-compliance.
In addition to compliance with this Code, the recipients are required to contribute to its dissemination and to report to Risolvendo any conduct contrary to the principles, canons and values that inspire it, in order to promote full implementation and compliance with it.
Each recipient shall promptly contact Risolvendo when in a situation of doubt about the actions to be taken for the best compliance with this Code, as well as in cases where the Code itself requires him to give notice of certain circumstances. Employees, in particular, should refer to their immediate superior.
The Code may be subject to amendments or revisions, which will be duly disclosed to the addressees.

Art. 5. Responsibility towards the community and the territory

Risolvendo operates in a well-defined socio-environmental context and the recipients of this Code must relate to the outside world by contributing to the socio-economic development of the community, respecting the values of loyalty, integrity and probity.
Involved in the global challenge of environmental protection, Risolvendo and each recipient are committed to strict compliance with the regulations in force regarding environmental protection and the territory.

Art. 6. Effectiveness of the Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics, considered as a whole and together with all implementing protocols that may be approved by Risolvendo, must be considered an integral part of existing contractual relationships, as well as those to be entered into, with self-employed workers, employees (valid under Article 2104 of the Civil Code), collaborators, suppliers or professionals.

In case of proven violation of its provisions, after investigation, Risolvendo reserves the right to take the most appropriate action under applicable laws and regulations, including, in the most serious cases, even the withdrawal or termination of existing contractual relationships.

Art. 7. Duties of employees

The employees of Risolvendo perform the duties entrusted to them with professionalism, diligence and transparency, in full compliance with applicable laws and regulations, the provisions of this Code and the internal procedures of Risolvendo.
Trust and loyalty must be constantly pursued in personal and professional relationships.
You must not in any way perform acts or omissions that could harm the image or reputation of Risolvendo, or otherwise cause prejudice to it.
Employees must behave in an impartial manner and must not contribute to or benefit from any preferential or privileged situation.
In intercompany relations, employees shall adhere to the functions entrusted to them and avoid encroaching on the competence and duties of others (except in cases where this is absolutely necessary to safeguard or protect the interests of the company), may not act or make promises in the name and on behalf of Risolvendo in matters outside of the duties or functions entrusted to them and, if called upon to make decisions or take positions outside of their specific duties and competencies, must immediately notify
their immediate superior in Risolvendo for appropriate determinations.

Art. 8. Liability towards third parties

In relations with third parties, it is necessary:

  • acomply with the principles laid down in the Code of Ethics;
  • provide third parties with full information on the rules, canons and prohibitions governed by this Code;
  • informing Risolvendo in case of refusal by third parties to comply with the provisions of this Code.

Art. 9. Prohibition of accepting and giving gifts

Recipients of this Code are not allowed to accept or receive, for themselves or others, gifts, favors or other benefits, except gifts of modest value made occasionally as part of normal courtesy, subject, however, for the recipients of this Code, the obligation to declare it promptly to Risolvendo.
Recipients of this Code are not allowed to make or promise gifts, favors or other benefits, to public or private entities, to facilitate the activities of Risolvendo.

Art. 10. Customer relations

Risolvendo aims to ensure customers a service of excellence, which meets their needs with professionalism, efficiency and courtesy.
The interest in satisfying the Customer’s needs yields in the face of the obligation of the addressees of this Code not to contribute to, cooperate with or facilitate, either directly or indirectly, conduct (commission or omission) contrary to the provisions of the regulations in force, in accordance with the provisions of Article
6 above.
In their relations with customers, addressees must comply with confidentiality, privacy and internal

Art. 11. Relations with suppliers, contractors and public administrations

In the selection of suppliers and contractors, Risolvendo will use natural and legal persons who share the ethics and values of this Code.
The selection criteria will be based on impartiality and transparency, with bids being evaluated not only with regard to economic advantage and the quality of the service, but also on the integrity, reliability and probity of the suppliers or collaborators.
Risolvendo strongly condemns any form of corruption and undertakes to combat it in all forms and ways.

Art. 12. Relations with professionals

The professionals who collaborate with Risolvendo shall comply with the principles dictated by this Code of Ethics. In evaluating professionals, Risolvendo will adhere to the criteria of competence, probity, confidentiality, loyalty and fairness of the fees.

Art. 13. Transparency in business relations

Risolvendo aims to use in business dealings with customers and other third parties the utmost transparency, fairness of information and impartiality.

Unfair and deceptive commercial practices and communication methods that harm the interests of others are strictly prohibited.
The customer is provided with clear and adequate information on the services and offers requested.

Art. 14. Conflict of interest and competition

The recipients of this Code must avoid all situations in which there is conflict, directly or indirectly, with the interests of Risolvendo.
In particular, the addressees shall avoid situations that could imply a conflict between their personal interests and those of Risolvendo, refraining from representing the same, intervening or being part of
decision-making processes in which, directly or indirectly, they or their spouse, relatives or kin have a personal interest. It is forbidden for the recipients of this Code to engage in activities, on their own behalf or on behalf of third parties, in competition with that carried out by Risolvendo.
In case of situations of conflict of interest, actual or potential, whoever is involved, is obliged to give timely notice to Risolvendo. In accordance with this, each addressee of the Code of Ethics shall promptly inform Risolvendo of the existence of a romantic relationship with another addressee and in any case shall behave in the workplace in such a way as not to cause embarrassment or give the impression of creating inappropriate situations or favouritism. Upon receipt of the information, Risolvendo will evaluate the best and most appropriate initiatives to prevent the emergence of a conflict of interest or resolve it if it has already arisen.

Art. 15. Prohibition of discrimination

Risolvendo promotes the principles of equality and non-discrimination, ensuring the right of access to
employment solely on the basis of the criteria of competence, professional experience and interpersonal skills.
In the selection of staff, criteria based on gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, disability, political or religious beliefs are not allowed.
Each recipient is called upon to respect human rights and to make every effort to preserve the work environment from conduct that may lead to situations of hatred, harassment, discrimination or abuse, which, if they exist, will oblige each recipient to immediately notify Risolvendo for the adoption of the most appropriate initiatives.

Art. 16. Prohibition of smoking, alcohol, drugs

during working hours, it is forbidden to smoke, consume alcoholic beverages and use or be under the influence of other legally prohibited substances.

Art. 17. Clothing

Employees shall wear professional, sober clothing appropriate to the working environment, and shall undertake to respect the decorum appropriate to the context in which Risolvendo operates.

Art. 18. Confidentiality

Risolvendo ensures the protection of the confidentiality of its customers by complying with the regulations of the sector, with particular regard to sensitive data.
Recipients of this Code are not permitted to do so unless expressly authorised in writing by Risolvendo or by order of the Judicial Authority:

  • disclose the names of customers;
  • divulge elements or information enabling customers to be identified;
  • disclose data or information of any kind concerning customers;
  • carry out audio/video filming inside and in the areas pertaining to the company’s premises or those of its customers;
  • access to customers’ property or personal belongings, being allowed to move them within the limits strictly necessary for the performance of the tasks entrusted.

Recipients must also not copy or store on analogue or digital media, communicate, disseminate or disclose to any third party outside of Risolvendo confidential news, data or information pertaining to or relating to it, or make use of them (or allow others to make use of them) in such a way as to prejudice it.

Art. 19. Human resources and use of company assets

Employees are the first and most valuable resource for Risolvendo and their energies, during working hours, should be devoted exclusively to the realization of the company’s objectives.
The assets of Risolvendo, or in use to the same, will be used by the recipients of this Code in a lawful, responsible manner, according to the purpose for which they are deputed and within the limits of their competence or duties.
The staff undertakes not to use the utilities belonging to Risolvendo for purposes unrelated to work.
The recipients of this Code undertake not to duplicate software owned by or licensed for use to Risolvendo.

Art. 20. Safety in the workplace

Risolvendo assumes the commitment to ensure a safe and healthy workplace, complying with current legislation and taking all legal measures regarding safety at work.

Employees shall behave responsibly, such as not to harm in any way their own physical integrity, that of
other employees, customers and any third party and, to this end, shall comply with the provisions of the law and internal procedures, acknowledging that they are aware that they are established with the aim of protecting employees, customers and Risolvendo.

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